Alcohol and its effect on the skin

Alcohol and its effect on the skin

 There is a lot of misleading information online regarding alcohol. Most people think alcohol isn’t bad for your skin. However, research have shown us that alcohol as an ingredient in your skincare product isn’t a good thing.

Good vs bad alcohol in the skincare industry. 

Volatile alcohols like SD alcohol, denatured alcohol and isopropyl alcohol can provide an immediate matte finish to your skin, makes it look shiny, and feel weightlessness on the skin. Alcohol as an ingredient in your skincare products can attract oily skin type people.

But in actual, it can provide temporary tempting effect by glowing your skin, but it can harm your skin in long term. When you see the names of these alcohols in the top six ingredients label, without any doubt it can be irritating to your skin and make your skin conditions worse. It is dangerous for all skin types. It can disrupt the skin good microflora, damages skin barrier and increases skin dryness.

 Not all the alcohol types are bad to your skin, there are some good alcohols too. Fatty alcohols like cetyl, stearyl and cetearyl alcohols are non-irritating and very friendly to your skin. 

They are good for dry skin type and provide a pleasing texture to your skin. It also helps to absorb vitamin c and retinol in your skin


Alcohol makes your breakout worst.

Although it is tempting to use an alcoholic product for your oily skin as they provide immediate matte finish degreasing with the oil. But in actual alcohol can damage your skin and causes your skin to break and pores to enlarge. It can provide temporary shiny effect but increase your oiliness.



So, it is proven from research that alcohol harms your skin protective layer and deplete ingredients that are required for healthy skin. It also makes oily skin worse. In short, there are hundreds of skin-friendly ingredients that are available in the market and can be used as an alternative for alcohol. It is not advisable to use the skin-damaging ingredient in your skincare routine.

We can use alcohol in hand sanitizers for germ-killing purpose. There is more than 60 per cent alcohol in every hand sanitizer to effectively kill viruses and bacteria. Hand sanitizers are amazingly effective to kill coronavirus and it is advisable to use hand sanitizers frequently to keep yourself safe from this pandemic. With alcoholic hand sanitizers, soap and water are good for hand hygiene throughout the day.

The alcohol exposure is not advisable for skincare routine, but it is necessary for your hand hygiene.


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