Covid and the Maskne trouble

Covid and the Maskne trouble

What is Maskne?

The outbreak of Coronavirus has disheveled the system of the entire world. The entire world is suffering due to the healthcare crisis. New norms have been suggested by the healthcare providers along with the World Health Organization which are constantly being forcefully implemented worldwide. These preventive measures include social distancing, use of masks as well as frequent washing of hands.

Along with other complications it has caused for the world, it also brings unnecessary acne for the skin due to prolonged use of the face masks.

Maskne is a relatively new term that has been coined in relation to the acne caused by wearing masks. The masks constantly rub against the skin that causes friction and against the skin and triggers acne. Not only this, but the masks induce chronic pressure on the skin which results in the development of reddish acne.

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Skin acne is further triggered by hot and humid weather which provides optimal conditions for bacteria to thrive which in return causes the skin to break out. Oily skin is more prone to acne when using masks in hot, humid weather for prolonged hours.

How to prevent Acne?

Therefore, in order to prevent acne, there is a need to eliminate oily content from the skin as well as regularly cleaning it. Therefore, in such times, when wearing a mask is nothing but a necessity, it is crucial to use a mild skin cleanser to keep your skin breathing.

A great cleanser to consider is the Eblouir APG Glucoside Cleanser. The active ingredients in the cleanser include APG Glucoside, Centella, and Alpha-Bisabolol. The ingredients serve as mild surfactants for the skin, they tend to reduce the inflammatory response of the skin and prevent acne. Not only this, but the ingredients within the cleanser soothes sensitive skin and not only helps heal existing blemishes and acne but also prevent future breakouts too. Furthermore, blood circulation is boosted in the skin which improves skin health and texture.

Along with the regular use of cleansers, it is important to maintain hygiene by discarding disposable masks within twenty-hours of use and to wash the reusable masks after every use. It will prevent bacterial build up in the masks that further aggravate breakouts.

Masks are the new normal as they are potential barriers against the transmission of Coronavirus. Therefore, while saving yourself from the virus, it is not wise to compromise on your skin. The use of mild cleansers such as Eblouir APG Glucoside Cleanser can potentially alleviate the signs of Maskne.

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