How do your nails tell about your health?

How do your nails tell about your health?

Have you ever looked closely at your nails? Your nails are the most important indicator of your health and they tell us how your body is functioning. Your nails tell us about your diet and nutritional deficiency. Here are some signs that will show your health by seeing your nails. 



 Dry and brittle nails are the most common problem in household women. They are also called onychoschizia. They are usually caused by little moisture as a result of the washing and drying of fingernails during household work such as dishwashing. 

 The best way to treat this condition is to use gloves while dishwashing. You can apply moisturizing lotions that contain lanolin and alpha-hydroxy acids.

 Iron deficiency anaemia and hypothyroidism can also cause brittle and dry nails. Do consult your doctor if this condition does not settle. 


Soft or weak

 Overexposure to chemicals, moisture and nail polish remover can lead to soft and weak nails. Weak nails are also associated with vitamins and minerals deficiency. Avoid putting too many chemicals on your nails. You can also prevent weak nails by taking multivitamins that include calcium and Vitamin B. 



 Ridges consist of two types. Vertical ridges are formed later in life. They are usually not harmful unless accompanied by changes in colour. Horizontal ridges are a sign of serious complication. It is also known as Beau’s line. 

 Do consult your doctor to treat the underlying pathology. Vertical ridges can indicate iron deficiency anaemia while horizontal ridges point towards kidney disease. 



 Yellowing of the nail is usually due to the infection or some underlying reaction to a product you are using. It is temporary and can return to normal as your nail grows further. You can use multivitamin especially containing Vitamin E to treat the yellowing of the skin. 


 Black Lines

 Black or brown lines on your nails are caused by minor trauma to your nail. They are also known as splinter haemorrhage. It can disappear after some time. Splinter haemorrhage is also caused by some heart disease. 

 White spots

 White spot usually occurs in your teenage life. It is caused by some fungal infection, reaction with some chemical and as a result of zinc deficiency. Usually, 30 milligrams of zinc per day can remove these white spots. 

 No Half Moons

 Half-moons are the little white curve at the base of your fingers. These are not present in everyone. They usually mean nothing.

 How can you make your nails healthy?

 Whenever your body suffered from vitamin or mineral deficiency, your nails and hair start showing signs. Eating a variety of whole food containing all the essential minerals and vitamin can make you healthy and your nails symptoms free.


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