Why is moisturization important for your skin

Why is moisturization important for your skin

Skin is the largest organ of your body. It plays many vital functions, like regulating the body’s temperature, protecting organs from infections and germs.

Why moisturizing your skin is important?

Taking care of your skin is very important because if your skin lacks hydration, it becomes dry and starts to crack. The bacteria that are typically present on your skin begin to pass through these cracks and cause infection. Therefore, dry skin becomes the root cause of many skin conditions while aggravating others such as eczema and acne. Dry skin causes wrinkles, and your complexion starts to appear darker as well. When you have dry skin, it itches, and when you scratch it, your condition becomes worse. The dehydration of your skin can make you age a lot earlier too.

What causes dry skin?

Dry skin can be caused by bathing more than usual, using harsh soaps, aging, cold weather, or any other underlying conditions. 

How to keep your skin moisturized?

  1. Use a good quality moisturizer:

According to Dr. Kenneth Arndt of Harvard, the best solution to your dry skin is to moisturize it[1].

However, moisturizers don’t give a long-lasting effect. You will have to make more effort to relieve your skin. To give your skin a fresh and lasting impact, you must choose the right products, but finding them isn’t easy. A good moisturizer consists of three ingredients, which include humectants, occlusive, and emollients. For the ingredients to work, you will have to find the right ratio of these depending on your skin type.

  • The right order plus the right product:

Using the products in the correct order is as crucial as using the right products. You should use thinner products before thicker products so they can quickly get to your skin.

  • Save water and save your skin- spend less time in the shower:

Another factor that can dry out your skin is taking long showers. Showers can easily strip your skin of natural moisture, so you should limit your showers to 5-10 minutes. Use warm water rather than hot water for a shower as hot water dries out your skin faster.

  • Apply when cells are open:

Applying moisturizer when your skin is damp, this gives a chance to look in the moisture deep in the skin cells.

  • Use humidifiers:

You may have noticed that your skin starts to feel tight during winters. Using a humidifier can help you big time and provide you relief.

  • Soap is not so beneficial after all:

If you are experiencing dry skin, limit the use of soap as it contains harsh chemicals like alcohol, sodium laureth sulphate etc, which causes more harm than good.

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  • Don’t scratch the patch:

If your skin is flaky and itchy, avoid scratching your skin and use lotion.

The lotion will help to calm the itch.

  • The sun can burn:

The sun can damage your skin, and dry skin is more prone to sunburns. Sun can also cause permanent wrinkles, apply a sunscreen containing SDF every morning.

  • Befriend Water:

Drinking the right amount of water can also save you from dry skin.     

Long story short, you have to keep up the moisture content in your skin high to have a supple skin to not only have a perfect, radiant look but to maintain your skin as a physical barrier against diseases too.

[1] Merz, B. (2016). How to moisturize your skin. Retrieved 23 June 2020, from https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/how-to-moisturize-your-skin

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