Skin barrier in details

Skin barrier in details

Skin Barrier

First before we talk. Do you know what the skin barrier is? We already touched about it before, but some of our readers wanted to see a less technical explanation of it.

As you may have guessed this is what is protecting your skin.

Your skin is one of your most important organs. When you think about it, this is what is covering most of your body, hence protecting the baddies from getting inside your body.

The skin is like a brick wall. It is a combination of protein from your skin cells, which are the bricks, and lipids + other important fats, which will be your mortar.

Collagen aka the brick

The so-called bricks, or proteins are what is also known as collagen. It has various roles for your skin, like providing structure (bricks) and help your blood clot.

It is the most abundant protein in your body, which accounts for roughly 1/3 of the protein composition. It is not only present in the skin, it is also present in the bones, muscles, ligaments, teeth and more.

Collagen bubbles

There are four types of collagens:

  • Type 1: 90% of your body structure, basically packed fibers
  • Type 2: a bit looser which can be found in cartilage and cushion your joints
  • Type 3: this one supports your organs structures and arteries
  • Type 4: this one helps with filtration in the layers of the skin.

There are multiple products sold which include collagens, from skincare to drinks or body lotions.

The body will produce collagen by binding two amino acids. Glycine and Proline.

To help your body produce collagen you need to consume a mix of vitamin C, Proline, Glycine and Copper.

Vitamin C can be found in a lot of fruits. While Proline can be found in egg whites, cabbage, mushrooms, and other dairy products. The glycine will come from animal skin like pork or chicken (to name a few). The copper will be in organ meat, cocoa powder, or lentils for example.


Lipids, the mortar

Lipid as a mortar

Now back to our wall.  If you have experience building walls, you will know that a wall without mortar will not hold. Your skin oil, the lipids aka mortar, will make sure that your skin stay strong, hydrated and soft.

The goals of lipids are to keep the moisturization (which is extremely important for skin health) and protect the bacteria from entering.

Now here is the problem, after 25 your body consumes more collagen than it can produce. Same with the lipid at a later age around 40, which is what will give you dry skin as you age. While the lack of collagen will be characterized by your skin being less supple and firm. Your cartilage will also suffer as a result in the lack of collagen. So that is why you are getting wrinkles, that your knees and back hurt.

So that is why that you need to have a balanced diet, not just to listen to what your parents say but also for you to keep feeling healthy.

Since your skin is the barrier protecting all the nasties from coming in, it is important (and we work hard on that at Eblouir) to make sure it stays strong and healthy.

First the things you should not do to keep your skin barrier healthy:

  • Exposure to sunshine, keep it to a minimum and use sunscreen (the healthy ones, watch out for the ingredients)
  • Eating the bad carbs (refined). Avoid eating sugar or drinking too much alcohol
  • Smoking, it will reduce your collagen production


If you stop doing that, you will have more chance of keeping a healthy skin barrier. Add that a healthy diet that is balanced (and remember with moderation!), and you should keep a healthier skin.

Skincare product at the rescue

Least but not last.

Now these are the first steps for keeping a healthy skin barrier, the next ones will be to use skincare products. First with a cleanser to keep bacteria away from your skin, and help your skin stay healthy.

Then by making sure that your skin stays moisturized, you can use our copper peptide masks for example. The material we use, bio cellulose is so thin that it will stick on your skin closely and provide a better moisturization than traditional mask such as charcoal, fibers and so on. Want to know more about Bio-Cellulose, please check this.

Finally, the final step with our serum, the copper peptide serum is the perfect combination to stimulated the collagen production on the damages made to your skin, with its skin regeneration power you will be good to go.

Any question on skincare barrier? Contact us directly via the Contact page on our website and we will be more than happy to talk to you.

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