What are ceramides benefits for the skin?

What are ceramides benefits for the skin?

What are Ceramides?

Ceramides  belong to a class of lipids. They are the important component of the skin. Ceramides are naturally present in our skin cells and make 50 percent of the outer layer (epidermis) of the skin. They make and maintain the skin barrier system. Ceramides hold the moisture in the skin and help the skin to remain hydrated and young.

How Ceramides act?

Ceramides act as a glue between the skin cells, hold them together and form a protective layer that limits the loss of water and protect the skin from pollution and external stressors.

Ceramides also have more powerful anti-aging properties than Retinol, niacin and peptides and can maintain skin dynamic nature.

Why do we need Ceramides for our skin?

Age, pollution, ultraviolet radiations from the sun light damage the skin and also, damage the lipid layer having Ceramides. As a result, Ceramides quantity start decreasing and resulting in wrinkles, dryness, redness and inflammatory diseases like dermatitis. Application of Ceramides products can play a vital role on restoring what’s have been diminished. It can re-hydrate your skin, giving your skin new life.

What are the benefits?

Skincare products containing Ceramides can regulate your skin barrier system. They can hold the moisture in your skin, giving your skin smoother, plumper look and prevent the formation of wrinkles and visible lines.

Ceramides are naturally found in your skin. So, it cannot cause any harm to any skin even the most sensitive, oily and break out skin. It is safe to use around the eyes, as long as the product is fragrance and irritant free.

Ceramides work well when combine with other skin replenishing products like fatty acids, glycerin and cholesterol.


Ceramide packing

Ceramides need special packing as most of the skincare products aren’t stable. They loose their effectiveness when they are exposed to air and sunlight. So, always use air tight and opaque packing to prevent decontamination.

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