What can technology do for the Skincare industry?

What can technology do for the Skincare industry?

After working in the tech industry and probably one of the most tech advanced industry that is finance, I keep hearing people talking about what technology can do in the already tech-saturated industries.

However, the best opportunities for disruption remain in the lower tech-oriented sectors. While machine learning and “AI”(very often overused concept) have been used for eons in finance for example. It barely touched some industries, some of which are massive industries. Which is what I will demonstrate using beauty care as an example.

The industry

As mentioned in my previous article, the beauty care industry is big, very big, so bigly it’s hard to put a number on it.

To give you a scale, let’s used the most liquid asset on the market, no, not oil! I’m talking toilet paper, the skincare industry is worth 94(and changes) billions 12 rolls Scott 1000 toilet paper boxes.

That’s 1,132,473,622,508 rolls, or 1.132 quadrillion(American system) sheets!

Anyway, I am diverging (a bit).

At Eblouir, we are looking beyond the products and how we could leverage technology to help our end users.

Our main focus is on creating formulas aimed at repairing skin damage. Either due to natural occurrences like acne or external factors like poor quality makeup products and/or skin whitening.

Technology-wise we have been leveraging to use LED masks across our skincare centers globally. LEDs are gaining in popularity as they can also be used at home without the need to leave your house.

We also have a Skin Iron, which helps with the active ingredients’ absorption with micro currents and vibration. This is very handy for people traveling or in a hurry to get faster treatment.

Now the question is what else can people leverage? here are some areas I found while researching about it:


Here the goal is to identify what type of skin problems you have. Skin problems could range from hydration, pigmentation, dry area, wrinkles, sun damage, congestion etc….

The range of available technology is quite wide, from the most advanced scanner analyzing every part of your skin. To apps using your phone like Neutrogena Skin360, Olay Skin Advisor, or Face Mapping from Dermalogica, to name a few.


L’Oreal recently announced the launch of its new digital product called Perso. With a quick snap, it will analyze your skin and provide a customized routine while also considering external factors such as pollution, humidity, or air quality.

LED technology, can be used from the comfort of your home without having to go to a salon (very convenient nowadays).

Product Development

Another interesting angle is using technology not only to help people identifying their skin problems but also to develop new product lines entirely using big data to deliver what people are asking for.

Biotech can be leveraged too in the product development, some ingredients might be hard to source if you want to provide 100% vegan products for example. One firm called Geltor can design collagen that is both vegan and halal-friendly (other directions for expansion there).


As we can see there are some interesting technologies coming up. As long as the goal is to help fix skin problems and the end-user this is fine. The moment where it is still a grey area is some of the apps who push exclusively one company product when one skin type could benefit from different treatment for example.

There is also the boundary where it is important to know the difference between when you need to consult a dermatologist instead of trusting a machine to give you the correct solution.

The last point of concern is also when it comes to data collection, times and times again we see companies getting hacked and leaking personal information, so we need to make sure the customer information remains confidential.

At Eblouir, we do not shy from mentioning other companies, products, or ingredients we do not use (or have not yet). Our goal is to focus on the skin problem and see what are the best options out there. 

Let us know if there are other technologies I should have added!

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