What is Bio-Cellulose?

Hands holding Eblouir Copper Peptide Mask made from Bio-Cellulose

What is Bio-Cellulose, what makes Bio-cellulose so special?

Bio-Cellulose is an organic material that is used by people looking for more natural face masks. Often called second skin mask due to the way it sticks closely to the skin. It is a biodegradable material that was originally discovered in Korea, and from then used in skin treatment.

It is so thin, about 20 nanometers, which is around 1000 times thinner than the average human hair. It was used to treat severe burns and chronic wounds.

Since a lot of technologies start in the medical area. It soon made its progression to the skincare industry and is now becoming a staple ingredient.


How is Bio-Cellulose made?

Bio cellulose is lab grown. It is made by cultivating Acetobacter (bacteria feeding on coconut juice). To put it simply is using a small bacterium that will eat glucose and convert it into cellulose. It will then form some sort of thin fibers that will be the material used for face masks.

As you might guess, this is not an industrial process as it requires a bit more human care. In general, it takes from 10 to 15 days to grow the fiber for final used into these second skin masks.

For that reason, bio-cellulose masks tend to be more expensive, but this comes with much better benefits than traditional masks!

 Microscope view displaying magnified view of bio-cellulose structure

Why Bio-Cellulose

Without turning it into a prose, here are the main reasons why you should be using bio-cellulose masks instead of fiber/collagen and other traditional masks:

  • Biodegradable: because it is a natural material it is therefore environmentally friendly. You can use it as a compost for your plants
  • It is toxin free, unlike fiber masks which are treated with solvents. Which also means no allergenicity.
  • Removes impurity and fat from your skin
  • Bio cellulose is hydrophilic, which means it naturally attracts water and moisture, but also distribute it back when you apply it to your skin
  • It is strong, unlike collagen masks which tend to break easily
  • It fits like a glove, well actually better than that. Since it is so thin it will follow the surface of your face like a second skin. Meaning that the ingredients and moisturization will be fully absorbed in no time (5 times better than traditional masks). In medical terms it is what we call percutaneous absorption.

Eblouir Bio-Cellulose mask applied on face displaying the second skin effect

Eblouir and Bio-Cellulose

At Eblouir, our research team already saw the opportunity of bio-cellulose powers. After talking to doctors in Switzerland, we found out that bio-cellulose was used to treat burnt skin in A&E. The reason being that the moisturization effect is so strong that it helps better than any other material and act as a second skin.

We quickly decided it was the best to include Copper Tripeptide-1, which helps with skin repair and regeneration. As a result, you can now get our innovative Copper Peptide Mask, Second Skin mask made with natural and organic bio-cellulose.

Optimum moisturization while benefiting from the skin regeneration attributes of Copper Peptide.



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