What is the biggest irony about the Coronavirus?

What is the biggest irony about the Coronavirus?

As a business owner whose business partners dealing with many hospitals and medical groups, and given the current world panic over the Coronavirus, I do receive frequent questions about how we can stay safe from it, how strong and infectious it really is, and how we can fight it efficiently.

So, what is the biggest irony about the Coronavirus?

1/ Weak outside of your body….

Outside of the human body, the COV is among the weakest viruses your body will have ever encountered. Using a microscope, this virus appears with pointy spires, and it basically looks like a crown, hence the designation “Corona”. Looking beyond the crown, we see the outer shell of the virus, made of lipids – yes, just fat, nothing else!

Think of it this way: if you try to wash your oily/fatty dish with water alone, it will not come off as you need to add soap/cleanser to dissolve the grease. So cleansers, soaps, or alcohol are very effective against dissolving that greasy liquid coating of the virus. Once the outer layer is removed, the virus can’t attach to other cells and becomes harmless.

2/ … but once inside the human body, COV gains superpowers

Once the Coronavirus has found his way inside the human body, things start to change and the immune system will struggle.

Why? Because the virus camouflages itself using sugar dots – therefore it cannot be detected as an “intruder” or an “alien presence”. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen: it pretends to be part of our body, goes undetected and that is what makes it so dangerous – because our immune system thinks the virus is “welcome” inside our body.

One of the weakest viruses on the outside is also one of the strongest on the inside.

Spikes covering the virus from the corona.
Spikes covering the virus from the corona.

3/ What is the solution?

In my business, I always say that Prevention is always better than Cure. There is no denying that if you have a healthy skin and keep doing prevention, your dermal barrier will be restored to prime condition. Therefore, you will get sick less often. This is the science behind “Skin Repair”.

To fight the Coronavirus, the same principle applies: “Prevention” is always better than “Cure”.

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It takes only a few minutes, but cleaning high-traffic surfaces once a day can make a difference in preventing the spread of infection.

A cleanser, a soap or alcohol is enough to physically inactivate the virus, so it can’t bind to your body and enter human cells anymore. So the next time you wash your hands for the umpteenth time, you should take pride in all those soapy bubbles you are making, and enjoy the pleasure of imagining those tiny invisible dead nasty creatures circle down the drain!

Personal hygiene has never been so crucial. It is time to upgrade our hygiene standards.


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