What is Vitamin B5 and its benefits for the skin?

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Vitamin B5, also known as Pantothenic Acid, is a water-soluble vitamin and belongs to the group B of Vitamins family. It is a component of Coenzyme A, which is a cofactor for many enzyme-catalyzed reactions in the metabolism of various macromolecules. These molecules are essential for the integrity of the skin layers and help to strengthen them. It is widely used in cosmetics products by the name of Dexpanthenol. 

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Benefits of Vitamin B5 on Skin
Due to the wide range of skin benefits, topical Dexpanthenol is widely used in the cosmetic industry. Here are some of the most popular benefits of Dexpanthenol.   

  • Moisturizer:  

Vitamin B5 acts as a humectant. A humectant has two functions. Firstly, it attracts the moisture present in the air, retains it on the skin surface and then absorbs the water vapors into the deeper layers of the skin. Secondly, it stabilizes the skin barrier and does not let the water evaporate from the skin. These functions keep the skin hydrated, soft and elastic. Due to its hygroscopic nature and moisturizing property, Vitamin B5 is widely used in cosmetics and personal care products in the form of hair conditioner, face or body cleanser, body lotions and lip balms.  

  • Skin Healer  

According to new studies, Dexpanthenol has been proven effective for skin healing. It modulates the expression of genes and proliferates the fibroblast and epithelization of the skin. These processes have a great role in wound healing. Vitamin B5 speed up the healing of skin damaged by the excessive use of makeup products. It rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin and gives a boost to your confidence.   

  • Anti-Inflammatory:      

Studies have shown that skin treated with Vitamin B5 is less prone to irritation and itchiness caused by UV radiation and radiation therapy. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the redness and erythema on the skin caused by the toxins from the environment and skin diseases like Atopic Dermatitis.  

  • Scalp Care:  

Vitamin B5 protects the scalp by its anti-inflammatory, healing, and hydrating properties. By penetrating the hair cuticle, it adds moisture and volume to the scalp and keeps the scalp hydrated. It protects the hair from styling and environmental damage. Vitamin B5 gives your hair a shiny and healthy look. 

How Vitamin B5 is used in skincare? 

B5 Gels: 

B5 serums are very effective for daily use. It replenishes your skin with moisture and makes your skin soft, smooth, and healthy.  

B5 Face Masks:

Hydrating B5 Mask masks are available in the market. These masks are the best for the customers who are searching for the home moisturizing remedies. You have to apply them 1 to 2 times per week on the face and also on the chest, hands, knees, elbow, and feet. 

B5 Hair Shampoo and Conditioner:  

B5 hair shampoos and conditioners are an excellent choice for dry, damaged, and rough hair. They provide your hair with strength, smoothness, and shine. Other substances like Curcuma Longa Extract and APG Glucoside are also added in it for further enhancing its effects.  


Vitamin B5 is an essential element for your body and skin. It can be easily found in food, which shows a primordial this vitamin is. As a matter of fact why not getting skincare products with Vitamin B5? 


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