A Strategic Partnership with Eblouir:
More than just being a distributor

Since 2014, our mission has always been to provide the safest, simplest and most effective formulas that bring remarkable results.

Our “Less is More” philosophy aims at eliminating all potential toxic and harmful ingredients, in order to help our clients achieve smooth, healthy and radiant skin.

All products of Eblouir are 100% fragrance-free and pigment-free. We make use of high-performance ingredients like APG Glucoside, Idebenone, Ceramide, B5 and GHK-CU. These clinically proven ingredients bring significant improvements to the skin barrier, damage repair, micro plastic surgery aftercare, sensitive skin therapy, pores reduction and dark spots.

Eblouir prides itself for repeat business with our distributors (85% repeat business). We emphasize on building long term relationships and provide all necessary support and training to ensure a successful cooperation.

Corporate / MNC Distributors:

Multi-National Companies Distributor

Are you a corporation wishing to expand your products and services offering, while retaining your clients? Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, a medical group (hospital/clinic), a hotel, a Spa or a Beauty Center, we are confident that your clients will love Éblouir Skin Repair products and devices. Join our B2B network and be part of the Skin Repair pioneers.

Eblouir Franchise - Flagship store (Small and Medium Enterprises):

Eblouir is not just about Skin-Cure. Eblouir is about a healing journey, a whole new experience that your clients will want to discover. Your shop will feature a Spa Treatment center and a Business lounge. When it comes to help you widen your marketing reach, Eblouir will focus on a minimalist, elegant and unique design that fits your business plan. From the 3D architecture to the execution, let us take your business to a whole new level and join our group of 140+ shops worldwide.

Direct Reseller:

Are you an individual reseller, selling online, to your own network, or a KOL on social media? Join Éblouir Community of Resellers/Agents, and build up your own network, while benefiting from our customised business support.
The n.1 concern of resellers is to be able to retain their client base, so that they can keep growing their business month after month. At Éblouir, we have tailored offerings and trainings that will make sure your profits are sustainable and you can keep up with our 85% repeat business rate!



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